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James Engineering realizes
"Manufacturing reform"

To realize shortening of the cultivation period after many mold manufacturers suffer from difficulty of die assembly, It is an important improvement factor. If we can reduce this blind cost, we can improve profitability. Incorporating the process of "foreseeing, discovering and realizing" in order to overcome the raging waves of price reduction as well as differentiation from other companies, We propose "manufacturing reform".


Beforehand To predict occurrence


Foreseen Advance countermeasures to problems


Clear the problem, Proceed with manufacturing.



Suitable for your request We will propose materials and budget.

  • done_allContract analysis
  • done_allDesign of contract mold
  • done_allMoldex 3D
  • done_allSupport for weight saving


Mold making

It is production start of the mold. We have abundant steel materials and processing technology We make use of various requirements in a form.

  • done_allSteel for plastic mold
  • done_allParts for molds
  • done_allMold insert fabrication
  • done_allParts Solutions
  • done_allHot runner system


Trial production

In order to realize the solution obtained by foresight and discovery, we will undertake consistent product development and production arrangement work up to complete mold and mass production.

  • done_all Mold breeding
  • done_allCAE analysis
  • done_all Defective measures
  • done_allAnalysis service by X-ray CT


Delivery and after-sales service

Under severe production control, we will respond to delicate finely. We will also follow after-sales after delivery


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