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Gundrill Grinder

Gundrill Grinder


Grinding machine for gundrills(KRM-034)
Adaptable drill size Φ3.0mm~Φ44.0mm

Saving Costs

  • Reduce the gundrill stocks by regrinding and prolonging the life of gundrills
  • You can save the cost & time for outsourcing of the regrinding.

Easy operation

  • Simple operation  helps you to regrind during the NC machining
  • so continurous operating is available.

3 points jaw chuck

  • Drill can be fixed with one chuck that is ledd burden prolongsthe life of drills.

Ajustable inner & outer angle

  • The inner and outer angles of the carbide tip is adjustable as you like.

Spring type Cam

  • No need to keep pushing drills against the diamond wheel.

Adjustable Cam

  • Any angle is applicable for regrinding the drills.

Ball Bearing spindle

  • Smooth Spin & Less vibration and noise.
  • Saving the manpower, and prolonging the life of accessories.
Gundrill Grinder


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Remarks Specification
Applicable drill sizes φ3.00~φ44.00
Operating Range X : 200mm Y : 150mm Z : 150mm
Operating angle (vertical) 20°
Operating angle (horizontal) Left : 45° Right : 45°
Power Supply 0.2KW / 2P
Floor Size 990mm x 1055mm
Net Weight 150kg
Chuck 3 points fixed


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